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Hattiesburg Commercial and Residential Gutter Types
Precision Gutter Types
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K-Style gutters are the best choice and are the most common choice among homeowners. At Precision Seamless Gutters we offer seamless aluminum, seamless copper and seamless galvanized gutters. We offer 25 different colors on our seamless aluminum gutters. K-Style gutters are made with light materials, their shape prevents them from bending when struck by force, which is a huge benefit for any homeowner and, more importantly, your home.

Hattiesburg K-Style Gutters
  • One of the advantages is that they fit well into modern homes, and that's why they are the most popular choice among homeowners. They are more commonly used than half-round gutters.

  • Since K-Style gutters are flat on one side, they can be nailed directly into the fascia board, which means that you do not need to worry about installing a lot of brackets to keep your gutters in place. As a homeowner, you should always keep in mind that hiring professionals to do this kind of work is always better than doing it yourself. A single mistake can cause a lot of damage.

  • K-Style gutters have a stylish appearance.

Advantages of K-style gutters
Hattiesburg corner gutters
  • Another advantage of K-Style gutters is that they provide a seamless finish, making your gutters less prone to leaks than other types of gutters. This will help you avoid water damage.

  • These gutters can hold more water compared to round style gutters or any other types of gutters.

  • This gutter shape can be made from many different materials, such as aluminum, copper & galvanized steel. The most popular choice is aluminum due to its resistance to rust. On the other hand, copper is the most expensive choice because of its durability.

  • Since K-Styles gutters are the most popular gutter shape, the seamless option is readily available.

Hattiesburg Rain Gutters
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  • Home and basement flooding

  • Damaged or cracked foundation

  • Insects that breed in standing water

  • Mold

  • Erosion

  • Paint damage

  • Landscaping damage

Don't put your home at risk. Get a rain gutter installation to avoid any water damage and other possible problems that will surely give you and your family a lot of headaches.

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